Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

Vegas Wedding Photography - Top 8 Locations For Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Below are the Top 8 Vegas Attractions:

1. Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden
The Bellagio Hotel also has a conservatory and botanical garden that can serve as wonderful backdrops for your wedding photos. Each year, the conservatory changes into 5 different themes-Chinese New Year, Holiday, Summer, Spring and Fall. So if you want to catch a particular theme, you may want to arrive at the right season. Nevertheless, every theme is absolutely breathtaking that it won't really matter which one you get to see.

2. Bellagio Fountains
The Bellagio Fountains is simply one of the most romantic attractions you can find in the city. Go ahead and strike a pose as the waters dance, lights change, and soothing music plays along in the background.

3. Gondola Rides at the Venetian
Always wanted to go to Italy? Take a gondola ride inside the Venetian Hotel and feel as though you're drifting through the canals of Venice.

4. Las Vegas Neon Graveyard
Be more creative with your photos by using signage! Vegas has a neon graveyard where all the used neon signs are put to rest. There you'll find gigantic signs that can really add an effect to your pictures. You can strategically use those letters and words to say what you mean, or simply choose random ones for fun.

5. Las Vegas Strip
Make use of the city's bright lights by having your pictures taken along the surrounding hotels and casinos.

6. Replica of the Eiffel Tower
Experience Paris even without leaving the country by visiting the Eiffel Tower replica at Paris Las Vegas. You can have the photoshoot at the foot of the tower, or you can climb way up to the top for a more romantic effect. The best times to do the pictures would be in the late afternoon and night, just when the lights are starting to come out.

7. Stratosphere Tower
It's hard to miss this location especially that it's the tallest tower in Vegas. Its observation deck gives your wedding photos the chance to have a panoramic background of the city.

8. Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
Of course your photo session won't be complete without a pose at the 50-year-old "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. Be sure to drop by this famous landmark before you set out and get married.

Those are the top 8 locations you should consider for your wedding photoshoot. Make sure you go to each location so you can really find out what Vegas is all about. If you find yourself wanting more, go ahead and visit other popular destinations and make the most of your stay in this marvelous city.

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