Selasa, 25 September 2012

Bride's Guide to Wedding Photography - 6 Quick Tips

1. Pick a Wedding Photographer that you like

I know that sounds a bit obvious, but there is more to this than you may first imagine. It's your one and only chance to get photos of your wedding - as you want them. With the stress and strain of organising the wedding culminating in an often daunting start to the day it's important that your photographer doesn't add to that stress. Accordingly, you need to choose wisely. So, how's that done: read on.

2. Like their style

It probably goes without saying that if you don't like the style of wedding photos a particular wedding photographer produces, you will not be happy with the wedding album. So make sure you understand what type of photos this wedding photographer will take. Look at their previous work, it should give you a good guide to what you will get.

3. Like their price

In the current financial climate it is even more important to get value for money. Look carefully at what is on offer and make sure there are no hidden costs. Wedding photographers' prices vary quite widely as do their methods of charging. Some break their prices down like a restaurant menu, others will give you an all in price with no hidden extras.

4. Like their Modus Operandi (procedure; method of operating)

Are they sympathetic to your views? Will they be kind to your guests? We have all heard the stories about the rude, pushy photographer that bosses people about and won't let the guests take photos. (remember the bit above about not adding more stress to your day?)

5. Do a pre-wedding photo shoot

Find a wedding photographer that will offer you a pre-wedding photo shoot. It doesn't need to be long or complicated, but it will give you and your future husband a chance to meet and interact with the photographer and I guarantee it will make it easier for you come the big day.

6. Communicate with your wedding photographer

It would be safe to say that good wedding photographers welcome input from the Bride and Groom. It goes a long way to ensuring that they get the results you are looking for and therefore have happy customers. And a happy customer usually equals future referrals for them. So get a reasonable idea of what you want and tell the photographer. This could be a combination of what you know the photographer will do and a little input from yourself. Or it might be a major input from yourself and a little from the photographer. Each wedding is different so do whatever combination is going to work for your wedding.

Many Brides can see themselves in certain photographs, generally photos they have seen in Bridal magazines. A good tip is to take those magazines to the photographer to show them what you want, even better is to use cut-outs from magazines to leave with the photographer so that they remember what it is that you want. Many photographers have idea sheets with tick boxes so you can give them an indication of what it is that you want. Don't be afraid to write extra instructions on that sheet.

So in summary, find a photographer who has a photographic style and working method suits you. One that is affordable and communicate to them any special photographs that you would like. Do a pre-wedding shoot, and you will have taken great strides towards reducing some of the stress on the day and have given yourself the best chance of getting a wedding album that you will cherish forever.