Selasa, 25 September 2012

Five Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographers Before Hiring Them

Capturing that special moment during your wedding is a must. It'll be a day in which you will never forget. There will be many memories to remember and the best way to capture those precious moments is through ever lasting photographs. But having your relatives take the picture with a simple digital camera may not do the trick.

It is important that you hire a wedding photographer to add that dramatic flair to your event. However, before getting and paying one, don't you think you have to enlist different questions that would let you know about the service that he offers? After all, you must make the service worth your money. And these pictures will have to last a life time.

1. How much is the whole wedding photo coverage? Unless the photographer is your relative or friend, ask him about the price for his service. Try to haggle if possible so you can get a lower rate.

2. What are the inclusions? Some photographers will only take shots during your wedding and give you raw pictures. But more often than not, professional photographers would give you more than not. Some of the inclusions in the wedding package are the pictures with effects, pictures incorporated in videos and/or slide show of the pictures along with your favorite music, digital and hardbound album, and so much more.

3. How many images can you get? It is likely that the wedding photographer would only let you choose 80 to 100 photos during your wedding, depending on what you agreed in.

4. Will he also cover the reception? Although most of the photographers would cover both the ceremony itself and the reception, it wouldn't hurt to ask your photographer. There are times that wedding photographers would only limit their service for about 3-4 hours, enough to cover the wedding entourage, ceremony, and after-wedding moments.

5. Miscellaneous matters - this includes the lighting, the additional backdrop, and other accessories for your wedding photo shoot.

If possible, take time to know your photographer. Ask for references, get to know his references, understand his style and make sure it matches yours, and finally, don't be scared to ask more questions. The more connections you have, the more beautiful the outcome would be. It'll all rest on the pre-wedding preparation with your photographer that will make all of the difference.