Senin, 24 September 2012

Riga For Your Stag Weekend - The Greatest in Pre Wedding Fun, Part Two

Where Else Can You Shoot a Round From a Former Soviet Bunker in Between Seeing the International Ice Sculpture Festival and Hitting the Clubs with Claudia Schiffer lookalikes?

Certainly nowhere in the UK that's for sure. In Riga, you and your mates can get together and legally re-enact all your favourite Cold war James Bond scenes to your hearts' content and do it all in safety and style with a vast array of armory to choose from including the legendary Kalashnikovs, commonly known as AK-47s. Latvia is also home to the 'festival' where almost every month there is a national day dedicated to almost everything from Baltic Ballet to International Films and, this year, The 8th International Ice Sculpture festival. Be amazed, amused and get your photo taken in front of a lot of random but cool monuments.

But What about The Claudia Schiffer Lookalikes?

It's a somewhat minor point that Claudia herself is German and has probably never even heard of Riga let alone actually traveled there, but all accounts of clubbing in the Latvian capital attest to a very high population density of fit blondes, otherwise known as the PDFB index. Other cities that come close include Stockholm, Tallinn and most of Vilnius but a very quick, biased and unscientific poll based on personal preference and urban legend has Riga as the clear odds-on favourite. Helping you to continue this very necessary social research is a vast array of white hot clubs that have sprung up in the last five or so years. Riga is not known as the party capital of the former Eastern Bloc for nothing. Just beware of equally fit male Latvians who could probably have snared Gold in Soviet era Greco-Roman wrestling.

But Riga is, like, Baltic So Will I Freeze My B@$$s Off?

Maybe. But not necessarily. Just like the UK January is the most freezing month with lows hitting a chillin' -9C. The record low for Riga is -34C but that was so long ago that no one really remembers and the record high is a toasty 34C. But generally from April to October Riga is cool without being cold and warm without being sweltering.

Average January Temperature: -4 C

Average July Temerature: 16C

So How Do I Organise All the Travelly Details Without Screwing Up?

Easy. There's a London-based company by the name of Chillisauce who employ people who really enjoy tailoring packages stag groups to Riga, and a whole bunch of other cities. They do all the phoning, reserving and then come up with ideas just for you and your friends. All you actually have to do is turn up to have the most kicking ass time.

Riga has never been this good! Just drop a line to Amalia Illgner, she is a copywriter for; a fully bonded tour operator specialising in memorable stag nights. And there's a whole map of possibilities for a great stag weekend, for some excellent adventure filled ideas check out chillisauce where they will tailor a Stag Weekend in Riga just for you and any number of your best friends. Now that's what we like to call service!