Jumat, 21 September 2012

Wedding Planners

Wedding preparations have many aspects that need to be considered. The location, outfits, food, decoration, gifts, etc, all need to be planned out in advance and if you are thinking of doing all this and more on your own, then you will definitely need a lot of time and energy. Why waste this precious time when you can spend it with your loved ones? Think about a wedding planner and they can take care of everything for you so you can be tension-free.

Wedding planners can plan your wedding from scratch, giving you all the ideas and plans or you can give them the idea and they can work at making your dreams come true. There are many things you need to discuss with you planner, so let's discuss these in detail.

The location of the wedding is very important. You could get married at your local church or plan a destination wedding. Paris, Venice, India and Bali amongst others are all great options for a destination wedding. Most places have all the arrangements that are required for a destination wedding. You can even contact a local wedding planner or hire one in your own town. If you are thinking about a Bali wedding, you could consider Bali Indo Wedding. They are situated in Bali and they will take care of all your needs, including a wedding planner. For more info click http://www.bali-indowedding.com. Call months in advance of your wedding date to confirm availability and choose a location that is easy for all to reach if you are not taking care of air fare.

If you are having a destination wedding, you need to make arrangements for the accommodation of your guests. Otherwise, please specify that you won't be doing so, so they can take care of themselves. The wedding planner needs to discuss the accommodation with you and only then you should give the go-ahead.

A white dress with a trail and a bouquet of flowers is what makes the picture of the glowing bride. You need to buy your wedding dress at least a month in advance so that in case any alterations are needed, they can be taken care of and you will not have any tensions on that front. The same goes for the groom's tux. You need to make sure the suit fits you well and also the bridesmaids and the best man's outfits need to be ready in time for the wedding. Of course, the wedding planner will not decide this for you, but today many planners offer the service of shopping with you and for you.

Decide upon the theme of the wedding so the decorations can be taken care of. Decide about the seating arrangements and who will be placed where; also take care of flowers, candles, cutlery, etc. Your wedding planner will take care of all these details and they will show you samples or pictures so you know what you are saying yes to.

The wedding planner will need to arrange for the transportation of all guests to the wedding venue from the hotel if you are planning a destination wedding. They will also arrange for the limo for the bride and groom. In any case, this is an important detail and should be taken care of.

Food is another aspect the wedding planner can take care for you. If you are planning a theme party, then the food can be planned in that way. For example, if you are having a wedding in Bali, then you can concentrate more on the seafood fare and plan it in such a way. The wedding planner can co-ordinate with the team at the destination to make sure you get the best.

Your wedding needs to be preserved, so the planner can arrange for a good photographer and videographer who can capture the special event.

You can give your guests some small gifts as a way to say thank you for making your wedding a special event. These can be pre-decided with the planner and you can even decide upon the way of delivery.

These are just a few things you need to discuss with your wedding planner so they can make your wedding a pleasurable and beautiful experience.